SS-5C Solid Stop Assembly
SS-5C Solid Stop Assembly
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SS-5C Solid Stop Assembly

The standard Hardinge Collet comes with a deep precision threaded section at the rear of the capacity bore. This threaded section permits the use of Hardinge positive solid and ejector stops. Purchase a standard collet and it is always ready for stop work since the feature of a threaded capacity bore is applied to all fractional, decimal, hexagon, square, rectangular and emergency Hardinge collets within the capacity ranges. The Hardinge solid, ejector and long threaded stops are threaded into and positively locked against the end of the collet. Once locked in place, the stop cannot move even under heavy drilling or other end-working pressures. The three types of stops permit a wide variety of chucking work since all are adjustable for the desired part length to the maximum depths indicated.

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