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Top \ Workholding \ HCAC Collet Adaptation Chucks \ Hardinge Talent GS and SV Collet Adaptation Chucks

Part NumberProduct TitleList PriceSale PriceStock Status
78030000645000A5-5C-50 Hardinge Adapter Chuck (Plain Nose)$1,170.00 
78050000852000A2-6 to 5C Adaptation Chuck (Plain Nose)$1,350.00 
78050000866000A6-5C-50 Adapter Assembly$1,590.00 
78110000645000Hardinge A2-5 to 3J Adaptation Chuck (Plain Nose)$1,455.00 
78130000852000A2-6 to 3J Adaptation Chuck, Plain Nose$1,555.00 
78130000866000A6-3J-60 8/66 Adapter Assembly$1,555.00 
78170000645000Hardinge A2-5 to 16C Adaption Chuck (Plain Nose)$1,415.00 
78190000852000A2-6 to 16C Adaptation Chuck, Stepped Nose$5,578.00 
78190000866000A2-6-16C 8/66 Adapter Assembly$1,505.00 
78200000852000A2-6 to 20C Adaptation Chuck$2,480.00 
78330000645000A5-16C Hardinge Adapter Chuck$2,330.00 
78370000852200A2-6 to S20 Adaptation Chuck$3,295.00 
78420000645000A2-5 to B42 Adaptation Chuck (Plain Nose)$2,485.00 
78500000866000Style "S" Collet Adaptation Chuck for A2-6 Spindle using S26 Master Collet$3,295.00 
78500090107800A2-8 to S30 Adaptation Chuck$3,870.00 
78600000852000A2-6 to B60 Adaptation Chuck (Plain Nose)$2,485.00 
78600000866000A2-6 to B60 Adaptation Chuck (Plain Nose)$2,545.00 
79030000852000A2-6 to A2-5 16 C Adaptation Chuck, A2-5 Nose$2,715.00 
79030000866000A2-6 to A2-5 Adaptation Chuck$2,715.00