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Part NumberProduct TitleList PriceSale PriceStock Status
SC 2200308A26E8.25 CK ASSEM VL5 EMAG$6,725.00 
SC 2200310A26EA2-6 10 CHUCK ASSEM FOR VL-$7,945.00 
SCA2300306A25E6.65" Sure-Grip Power Chuck for the Hardinge-Emag VL3 Machine with Metric Serrations (includes A2-5 to A2-5 spacer/adapter)$5,625.00 
SCA2300312A11V12" Sure-Grip Power Chuck for Hardinge VT200 Machines$6,988.00 
SCA2300312A28V12" Sure-Grip Big Bore Power Chuck for Hardinge A2-8 Vertical spindles$6,988.00 
SCC2000310A11V10" Sure-Grip Power Chuck for the Hardinge VT200 machine$6,020.00 
SCC2000310A28V10" Sure-Grip Power Chuck for the Hardinge VT100 machine$6,020.00