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100100170050005C Collet .5MM Round (.0196)$64.25 
100100170060005C Collet .6MM Round (.0236)$64.25 
100100170080005C Collet .8MM Round (.0315)$64.25 
100100170100005C Collet 1MM Round (.0393)$64.25 
100100170110005C Collet 1.1MM Round (.0433)$64.25 
100100170120005C Collet 1.2MM Round (.0472)$64.25 
100100170125005C Collet 1.25MM Round (.0492)$64.25 
100100170130005C Collet 1.3MM Round (.0512)$64.25 
100100170140005C Collet 1.4MM Round (.0551)$64.25 
100100170150005C Collet 1.5MM Round (.0590)$64.25 
100100170160005C Collet 1.6MM Round (.063)$54.00 
100100170165005C Collet 1.65MM Round (.0649)$54.00 
100100170170005C Collet 1.7MM Round (.0669)$54.00 
100100170180005C Collet 1.8MM Round (.0709)$54.00 
100100170190005C Collet 1.9MM Round (.0748)$54.00 
100100170200005C Collet 2MM Round (.0787)$34.50 
100100170210005C Collet 2.1MM Round (.0827)$54.00 
100100170220005C Collet 2.2MM Round (.0866)$54.00 
100100170230005C Collet 2.3MM Round (.0906)$54.00 
100100170240005C Collet 2.4MM Round (.0945)$54.00 
100100170250005C Collet 2.5MM Round (.0984)$34.50 
100100170260005C Collet 2.6MM Round (.1024)$54.00 
100100170270005C Collet 2.7MM Round (.1063)$54.00 
100100170280005C Collet 2.8MM Round (.1102)$54.00 
100100170290005C Collet 2.9MM Round (.1142)$54.00 
100100170300005C Collet 3MM Round (.1181)$34.50 
100100170310005C Collet 3.1MM Round (.1220)$54.00 
100100170320005C Collet 3.2MM Round (.1259)$54.00 
100100170330005C Collet 3.3MM Round (.1299)$54.00 
100100170340005C Collet 3.4MM Round (.1339)$54.00 
100100170350005C Collet 3.5MM Round (.1377)$34.50 
100100170360005C Collet 3.6MM Round (.1417)$54.00 
100100170370005C Collet 3.7MM Round (.1457)$54.00 
100100170380005C Collet 3.8MM Round (.1496)$54.00 
100100170390005C Collet 3.9MM Round (.1535)$54.00 
100100170400005C Collet 4MM Round (.1574)$34.50 
100100170403005C Collet 4.03MM Round (.1586)$54.00 
100100170410005C Collet 4.1MM Round (.1614)$54.00 
100100170420005C Collet 4.2MM Round (.1654)$54.00 
100100170430005C Collet 4.3MM Round (.1693)$54.00 
100100170440005C Collet 4.4MM Round (.1732)$54.00 
100100170450005C Collet 4.5MM Round (.1771)$34.50 
100100170460005C Collet 4.6MM Round (.1811)$54.00 
100100170470005C Collet 4.7MM Round (.1850)$54.00 
100100170480005C Collet 4.8MM Round (.1889)$54.00 
100100170490005C Collet 4.9MM Round (.1929)$54.00 
100100170500005C Collet 5MM Round (.1968)$34.50 
100100170510005C Collet 5.1MM Round (.2008)$54.00 
100100170520005C Collet 5.2MM Round (.2047)$54.00 
100100170530005C Collet 5.3MM Round (.2087)$54.00